Some people cannot wear standard contacts due to a condition known as keratoconus. This issue causes the cornea to have a cone-like bulge, preventing standard contacts from sitting comfortably on the eyes. However, scleral lenses can be a solution to this problem. For those in Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Vision offers these specialty contacts and other forms of eye care.

What Are Scleral Lenses?

The scleral portion of the name scleral lenses refers to the white of the eye that these contacts sit on. Normal contacts cover only 80% of the cornea. However, scleral contacts cover 100% of the cornea and extend past it. This makes them more comfortable for people who have unusually shaped eyes for whom regular contacts move out of place or cause discomfort.

How Do Scleral Lenses Help with Keratoconus Treatment?

Keratoconus involves misshapen corneas in the eyes. The cone-like shape of the lenses directs light incorrectly to the retina, resulting in blurry vision. By wearing glasses or contacts, the corrective lenses compensate for the incorrect angle of light direction. When light hits the back of the eye at the correct angle, vision is clear and sharp.

Due to the shape of the eyes in keratoconus, contact lenses may not stay in place or fit comfortably. Larger scleral lenses stand over the misshapen cornea to properly correct the angle of light going into the eyes. Though these contacts require a special exam and fitting, they allow people with keratoconus to see better without needing to hassle with eyeglasses.

Another benefit of scleral lenses is their chance to help those with moderate to severe cases of keratoconus to avoid cornea transplant surgery. In the past, this surgery was the only option if rigid gas permeable contact lenses for the corneas failed to improve vision. Now, with scleral lenses, an eye doctor has a new option for keratoconus treatment to help the patient avoid surgery.

What Types of Scleral Lenses Are Available for Keratoconus Treatment?

The types of scleral lenses used depends on the eye care practice. For instance, at Saratoga Vision, we use Zen scleral lenses, Synergize hybrid contacts for keratoconus, and Rose K contacts. Contact our office or talk to the eye doctor about the benefits of each of these options for your vision.

See an Optometrist Soon for an Eye Exam to See if You Can Wear Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses require a special fitting with a trained optometrist. You can find just such an expert among the many eye care professionals we have at Saratoga Vision. If you are in Saratoga Springs, phone our office at (518) 587-5900 to set up an appointment. You can also request an appointment time online and our office staff will contact you if your time is available. Our entire team will work together in helping you to get keratoconus treatment with scleral contacts or other options from our eye care clinic.