Kids Eye Exams

As a parent, you’re probably wondering when you should schedule your child’s first eye exam, or how to determine if your preschooler has a vision problem. Our family practice caters to patients of all ages from infants to adults, but we pay extra special attention to making sure our youngest patients feel comfortable and safe. As a member of InfantSEE®, all babies 6-12 months old receive a free visual screening. Eye exams for children are extremely important. Problems with vision can also affect other areas of child development like learning and hand-eye coordination. Early diagnosis is crucial as children are often more responsive to early treatment. Meet our doctors.

1st Exam: 6 Months

The American Optometric Association recommends infants have their first eye exam at 6 months of age. Our baby-friendly tests help assess whether your child’s eyes are developing normally.

2nd Exam: 3 Years

Children should have their next, more comprehensive, eye exam at age three. Preschoolers do not need to know their letters or have to worry about being shy.

3rd Exam: 5 to 6 Years

It is extremely important for children to get another eye exam just before they enter the first grade to ensure appropriate visual development to perform well in school.

Continued Care: 7 to 18 Years

For school-aged children who don’t need visions correction, we recommend an eye exam every two years. Children who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses should see their optometrist annually.