Our team at Saratoga Vision is committed to providing the best in eye care and vision services. Whether you need a routine eye exam or treat a chronic eye condition, we offer a full range of optometry services. We believe in educating our patients so they make an informed decision regarding our eye care and vision services. Our patients know that will receive the personal attention and professional eye care every time they visit us.

Why Go To An Optometrist For Contact Lenses?

An optometrist can offer contact lens evaluations and prescription management services. As a first step, the optometrist will determine what level of correction is required for your vision. If the contact lenses are being used for specific eye conditions, the optometrist will have to run an assessment to confirm the diagnosis.

Once the emulation is complete, the eye doctor will recommend contact lenses according to the diagnosis. For certain eye conditions such as dry eye syndrome, eyeglasses might be a better solution compared to contact lenses. At Saratoga Vision, we offer corrective, cosmetic, and prosthetic lenses.

Different Types Of Contact Lenses

The most common type of contact lens is disposable soft lenses. They are designed to be worn anywhere from one day to one month depending on the type of lens. In the US, most contact lenses are either daily worn, 2 weeks disposable, or monthly disposable lenses. During this duration, you can remove and store them in a contact lens container.

Scleral eye lenses are specially designed contact lenses to cover the entire corneal surface of the eye. It is useful for certain eye conditions caused by irregular cornea such as keratoconus or astigmatism. For those patients that have gone through cornea transplant, scleral lenses are often recommended.

For other eye conditions such as presbyopia, bifocal or multifocal lens are recommended. With so many different types of contact lenses in the market, it is best to visit an optometrist to get a recommendation on what type of contact lenses are best suited to your needs.

We offer a variety of contact lenses that will help you and your loved ones. If you are interested in a specific type of contact lenses, give us a call today to learn more.

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